Percakapan Bahasa Inggris

Meeting Friends (Bertemu dengan teman)
A  : Yuli? Is that you?
B  : Oh My God. Anii? Long time no see. Huh? Good to see you again.
A  : I’ve been so busy these past few months. Are you staying in this hotel?
B  : Yes i’m taking a leave for about a week, and i want to spend my time   here, in Yogya
A  : I see. Say, I’m looking for Batik clothes. Could you recommend a good place?
B  : You could go to the hotel shopping archade. You can find clothing for the entire family, jewelry, and gifts. Ican take you there if you want to
A  : Great

At the shopping Arcade
(di Stand/ tempat perbelanjaan di hotel)
(A, B, C)

C  : Good afternoon Sir, may i help you?
A  : Yes, i’d like to look at this batik. How much is this one?
C  : It’s one million and five hundred thousand rupiahs
A  : That’s rather expensive, isn’t it?
C  : Yes it is. But it;s hand-drawn, Sir
A  : It’s beautiful. Please show me more in that price range and then some  cheaper ones too.
C  : Certainly, Sir. These are the block-printed ones, and these are half-drawn and half-block-printed.
A  : It’s very hard to choose. Yuli, you have a good taste. Which one is the most beautiful, Yuli?
B  : I think this one is beautiful
A  : Yes, you are right. Well, i think i’ll have this brown one, and this green one. May i try them on?
C  : Certainly, Sir
A  : I think this brown one is one size too big. Can you get me a smaller size?
C  : Certainly, Sir. Just a moment please. Here you are, Sir.
A  : Well, i’ll take them both. How much are these?
C  : Three million five hundred and seventy five thousand rupiahs, Sir. I’ll put the clothes in a bag for you.
A  : Thank you. Well, here’s the money. You can keep the change.
C  : Thank you so much, Sir.
A  : You are welcome.

Popular sightseeing in Yogya
(Tempat wisata terkenal di Yogya)
In the Airport Information’s Center.
A  : Hello, Good afternoon Madam, May i help you?
B  : Yes. Can you tell me about popular sightseeing in Yogya?
A  : You can go to Borobudur Temple which is situated 42 km away from Yogya. It’s famous for its art and architectural traditions. Buddhist followers from different parts of the world visit the temple to take part in the famous Waicak religious ceremony that usually takes place in May.Another popular sightseeing destinstion is Prambanan Temple.
A  : If I’m not mistaken, Prambanan Temple is famous fot its Ramayana Ballet? Could you tell me abaout it?
B  : Sure Ramayana Ballet is a marvelous visualization of a legendary opos in Javanese culture, Ramayana. Performed in an open stage, it invites you to enjoy the stoy in a set of typical Javanese dance accompanied with gamelan orchestra. There is no dialog among the dances. The only storyteller is the sinden or the female singerwho describes the coarse of the story through Javanese song. You will not be disappointed to see this excellent performance. Not only that you are going to enjoy the dance and music, but also the lighting that is set in such a way to be able to describe certain events in that story.
A  : That’s interisting. What about traditional food? Where can I buy them?
B  : Well, i believe that Gudheg should be on your list; it’s a curry of jackfruit, chicken, tofu and egg served with rice. It is most famous local dish. There are many gudeg restaurants, but the most popular are: Gudeg Wijilan, Gudeg Juminten, Gudeg Bu Tjitro, Gudeg Tugu, dan Gudeg Bu Ahmad. If you can wake up early in the morning, you may find small stalls serving Gudeg just at the corner of the street, or close to traditional market. At night, you can go to Jalan Janturan to Enjoy the Gudeg Pawon.
A  : It sounds great. I’ll try gudeg then. Thank you for your information
B  : Don’t mention it, Madam.

Health Problem
(Masalah Kesehatan)
1. Two Friends talking about health problem.
A  : What’s wrong Bill?
B  : I don’t feel so good
A  : You sound terrible. Are you coming down with something?
B  : I think I might be coming down with the flu
A  : Have u seen the doctor?
B  : No, I haven’t seen a doctor yet.
A  : Have you taken any drugs?
B  : I’m going to the drugstore now.
A  : I’ll go to the drugstore with you.
2. Another conversation
A  : What’s the matter with you? You sound terrible.
B  : Ifeel terrible. I’ve got a tootache.
A  : Well, have you taken some aspirin?
B  : Yes I have, but it does not work. What do you think i should do?
A  : It’s important to see a dentist
B  : Thanks for the advice. I;m going to the dentist now.
3. Another conversation
A  : What’s the matter?
B  : I’ve got a flu.
A  : I’m so sorry.Have you taken any drugs?
B  : I haven’t taken drugs yet.
A  : It’s useful to take some pills/ some cold medicine.
B  : I think you’re right. Thank you for your advice.
A  : Welcome.
4.  At the doctor
Doc  : Come in Miss. Lulu. Sit down, please. What seems to be the trouble?
Lulu  : I’ve got a bad cold and cough. I feel quite ill.
Doc  :Does your cough keep you awake at night?
Lulu  : Yes it does
Doc  : Do you have any other symptoms?
Lulu  : I’ve got a bad headache and i feel hot and cold sometimed.
Doc  : You;ve got quite a bad throat infection, Miss lulu. I’m going to write a prescription for some tablets and some cough mixture. Take the tablets three times a day after meals and the cough mixtue at night when your cough is bad. You must take all the tablets. This tablet is kind of an antibiotic. Don’t stop taking them because you feel better. It’s important to finish the course. Take this prescription to the pharmacist and they will give you your medicine. And stay in bed for the rest of the day. You will feel fine in a day or two. But if you don’t, please come back dan see me.
Lulu : Certainly. Thank you doctor
Doc  : Not at all.
5. At the drugstore/pharmacist
Pharmacist   : Good Morning, Madam. May I help you?
Mella              : Yes. I don’t feel very well.
Pharmacist   : What’s the matter?
Mella              : My stomach hurts.
Phamacist     : Your stomach huts. Anything else?
Mella              : I’ve got diarrhea
Pharmacist   : How long have you got diarrhea?
Mella              : Just this morning.
Pharmacist   : What did you have for breakfast?
Mella              : Spicy chicken and salad.
Pharmacist  : I’ll give you this pills. If you don’t feel any better by tommorrow, please come again or see the doctor. For a while, please don’t take any spicy food. And drink water as many as possible. It wiil help your medication.
Mella         : OK. If i don’t feel any better by tomorrow,then i will come again. Thank you
Pharmacist   : You’re welcome.


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